'Resident Evil 4' On the Way?

‘Resident Evil 4’ On the Way?

resident-evil-extinctionI know what you’re thinking. At the end of Resident Evil: Extinction, what was arguable the weakest of the three films, you really wanted just one more go around for Alice and her nemesis, the evil Umbrella Corporation. Well, get ready because according to reports over at Shock Til You Drop, you might be getting just what you want. That is, if you can believe the rumors.

According to the site, a tipster has revealed that there will indeed be a fourth installment of the franchise and it even has a name: Resident Evil: Aftermath. The story, and again just speculation at this point but not that hard to believe, concerns all those clones of Alice revealed at the end of the third film and how they will take their final revenge on the Umbrella Corporation as they hide in their layer deep under Tokyo.

Lending more credence to this rumor is the fact that Paul W. S. Anderson revealed last year he was indeed writing a new film, that Capcom was involved and that everyone was “excited.” Plus, according to the site, a Sony insider said the studio is looking to get Resident Evil: Afterlife into theaters by September 17, 2010.

No word on if Anderson will direct or if franchise star Milla Jovovich will be back. Although, at least in the case of Jovovich, I think its pretty likely — especially in light of the video after the jump where she pretty much conforms it. Rumor or not, we’ll keep you posted on this as it develops.