Vote For 'Night of the Creeps' DVD Cover

Vote For ‘Night of the Creeps’ DVD Cover

creeps001After years and years of fans writing letters and banging on the doors of executives at TriStar pictures to get the 1986 classic Night of the Creeps an official DVD release, they have finally given in, and will be giving us our cheesy zombie goodness (in the form of a “director’s cut”) this October. Not only do we get to relive the film over-and-over again, but we get to take part in voting for our favorite cover to be used on the DVD box!

Amazon has released a pre-order option for the DVD, and has given three options for the art, all of which are pretty cool, but all this is really doing is delaying the time before we can get to Robert Patrick giving his award-deserving performance of a brain dead teen. Voting ends on July 12th, so be sure to check out each cover after the jump, and vote accordingly.

Night of the Creeps is a 1986 film directed by Frank Drekker (Monster Squad), about a race of alien brain worms who kill and re-animated thier prey, which then go postal on a local college campus. Campy hilarity then insues.

Option 1:

Option 1

Option 2:

Option 2

Option 3:

Option 3