New Character Posters for '9'

New Character Posters for ‘9’

9While the summer blockbusters are still going strong, there’s one film that just misses the “summer” requirement but is still making a name for itself. The film is Shane Acker’s 9, which is based on his award-winning animated short from a few years back, and is produced by Tim Burton. The film is out this September and the marketing team has just released a series of character posters, showing off the animated cast of the film.

In the film, a group of numbered “people” are given the task of saving a post-apocalyptic world from destruction of giant robotic creatures. If you’re thinking “this sounds like every other movie out this summer”, then you should watch the original short that the film will be based on, because it’s got just enough of the Tim Burton fantasy-feel to make it a great movie.

The new posters show off the pretty big ensemble cast, with Christopher Plummer playing 1, Martin Landau as 2, John C. Reilly as 5, Crispen Glover as 6, Jennifer Connoly as 7 and Elijah Wood as the main character 9. Check out the character posters after the jump. 9 hits theaters September 9th.

1 2

5 6

7 8