New Music Video Shot Entirely on iPhone 3GS

New Music Video Shot Entirely on iPhone 3GS


The new iPhone 3GS from Apple is a great device with lots of cool features for creative users. One of these new features is the ability to record video — something users of the previous generations of the device have been waiting for. Because the iPhone 3GS is not only a phone but a creative tool, it didn’t take very long once it came out for some enterprising filmmaker to produce a video project using the iPhone 3GS.

That filmmaker is director Kenny Mosher and his project, a music video for the group BSJR, is the result. Given that his equipment consisted of the iPhone 3GS, a Glidecam, a tripod and a few custom accessories created for the shoot, the video turned out remarkably well. Even though the video did turn out as well as it did, I don’t think all music videos will all be shot on the iPhone any time soon. But still, this is a great example of what a few determined individuals can do when they come together to create something.

Check out the video after the jump. After watching it, you might just want to get an iPhone 3GS yourself and make your own music video. I know I do.

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