Apple's App Store Turns One

Apple’s App Store Turns One


Technically, the “official” one year birthday of Apple’s App Store isn’t until Sunday, but that hasn’t stopped the company from rolling out a new page to celebrate. A new dedicated page with the banner seen above appeared in iTunes today, proudly announcing to the world that the App Store’s first birthday has arrived.

Now that this event has arrived (or will in a few days), how is Apple celebrating? By trying to get you to buy more apps, of course. Besides the colorful banner, the birthday page is replete with Apple’s “favorite apps and games” picks, all sitting right next to links to buy those particular items so you can’t help but see just how to do it. But you can’t really blame them for trying, can you?

Even with Apple’s rather blatant attempts to boost sales, there’s no denying the impact the App Store has had on the world of technology. With its over 56,000 applications, over a billion downloads and with everyone else seemingly trying to find a way to imitate its success, the effects and repercussions of the App Store have had, and will continue to have, far reaching effects on the industry for years to come.

Its a momentous event worth a bit of celebration so you can’t expect Apple not to engage in a bit of self-congratulations and promotion. Now go forth and celebrate by buying a few apps and help out Apple’s bottom line.