'Warehouse 13' Premieres Tonight on SyFy

‘Warehouse 13’ Premieres Tonight on SyFy

warehouse-13In case you hadn’t noticed, the Sci-Fi Channel is now officially known as SyFy. Why, you may wonder? According to them its because they wanted to feature programming of a broader nature and they couldn’t really trademark the name “Sci-Fi’ because its a genre. So, they decided on a new name and that name is SyFy. In keeping with the networks broader programming concept, they are debuting a brand new series tonight called Warehouse 13.

In case you’re not familiar with the show, it concerns two secret service agents who, after saving the life of the President, are assigned to a warehouse in South Dakota used to keep artifacts and other items of a paranormal and mystical nature. Once there, they meet the caretaker of the place who sends them on missions to collect artifacts from around the world and bring them to the warehouse for safe keeping.

Thanks to the folks at the new SyFy, we’ve got a trailer and a preview of the show to bring you after the jump. Warehouse 13 airs on Syfy tonight at 9/8C.