The Flickcast - Episode 15: The Voyage Home

The Flickcast – Episode 15: The Voyage Home

megan-fox-jen-bodyLast time on on The Flickcast, your favorite trio of talented talkers discussed a whole slew of topics including the proposed remake of An American Werewolf in London, the Watchmen Director’s Cut, Comic-Con in San Diego, changes to the number of Best Picture Oscar nominees and the death of Michael Jackson.

This week, Chris, Matt and Christina are back with a brand new episode and ready for action. Among the subjects covered this time around are the T.J. Hooker movie, the “Red Band” trailer for Jennifer’s Body featuring Megan Fox, rumors of a new, live-action Star Wars TV series, Katie Holmes’ appearance on So You Think You Can Dance? and much more!

The team also makes more picks this week including Christina’s pick of the Curtis Hanson film Wonder Boys, Matt’s pick of the Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood and Chris’ pick of the 1987 vampire biker movie Near Dark, starring Heroes alumni Adrian Pasdar and directed by The Hurt Locker‘s Katherine Bigelow.

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