Yahoo Gets Full-Length 'District 9' Trailer

Yahoo Gets Full-Length ‘District 9’ Trailer

district9_bigposter2Yahoo has just released the first full trailer for District 9, and with it we get a lot more footage of aliens, things blowing up, and the general plot of the film. The first teaser gave us very little to go by, alluding that there were aliens, and they were being held hostage in South Africa. Now we know that they revolt, and cause a lot of havoc in the process.

The film stars Jason Cope, Kenneth Nkosi, and William Allen Young, with Peter Jackson producing and Neill Blomkamp directing. It looks as if it’s meant to utilize elements of Cloverfield with hand-held photography and bigger special effects. The one downfall is that there are gigantic robots, which seem to be everywhere in theaters this summer.

The plot has been under wraps for quite some time, but from what we know now, an alien race has come to earth on a one-way ticket, becoming stranded in Africa. Now seen as yet another mistrusted minority, the “non-humans” live in a dangerous ghetto and labor for little to no pay. But when a human encounters some strange non-human technology that begins to affect him in disturbing ways, his perspective on the situation changes drastically. Click here for the full trailer, and expect to see District 9 in theaters August 14.