Justin Timberlake As Green Lantern?

justin-timberlakeA few weeks ago, blog-o-sphere guru Rick Marshall was a guest on The Flickcast, and on the show we discussed how monotonous it can be when a rumor starts and every news site and it’s mother decides to post about it. We’ve decided to feed the bottomless machine here by giving slightly more stock to the rumor that pop star Justin Timberlake screen tested and is being “seriously considered” for the role of the Green Lantern in a big screen adaptation.

The rumor comes from big, red Harry Knowles over at Ain’t it Cool News, who supposedly got the news from Leavesden Studios, the company who will be working on the film. There’s no telling if this information is legit, or just another rumor like Cher as Catwoman and Eddie Murphy as The RIddler. Either way, it seems to be a way better choice than Jack Black, who was rumored to be playing the titular role a few years back.

The actual film, which isn’t a rumor, will be written by Greg Berlanti (Eli Stone) and Michael Green (Heroes), with Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) in the director’s chair. Other names that have been tossed around for the main role range from Bradley Cooper to Common to Ryan Gosling. The next thing Timberlake has on his plate is Shrek Forever After and 46 more appearances on Saturday Night Live.

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