First Trailer of Patton Oswalt in 'Big Fan'

First Trailer of Patton Oswalt in ‘Big Fan’

big_fan_posterWhen you hear the name Patton Oswalt — the voice of the rat in Ratatouille — is the first word that comes to mind “compelling”? Well, that just might happen once you see the trailer and become aware of his new film Big Fan.

The film, written and directed by Robert Siegel, is about a mild-mannered parking garage attendant who’s life gets turned upside down after an altercation with his favorite player on the New York Giants. Oswalt plays the protagonist, who also happens to be a die hard fan of the team. The film looks to pull on a few of the same heartstrings that writer Siegel’s The Wrestler tugged on last year.

Those unaware of who Patton Oswalt is would recognize him from many outlets. He’s from TV’s King of Queens (which he also wrote for), made a recent appearance on Dollhouse, can be seen on Reno 911! quite a bit and is a founding member of The Comedians of Comedy alongside Brian Posehn, Maria Bamford, and rising star Zach Galifianakis. Check out the first trailer for Big Fan, which opens in New York and Los Angeles in early September, after the jump.