New Full 'District 9' Trailer

New Full ‘District 9’ Trailer


Of all the movies coming up during the rest of this year, one that we’re particularly excited about is District 9, written and directed by Neill Blomkamp and Exec. Produced by Peter Jackson. We’ve talked about this movie before and had some info such as a poster and an earlier look at a shorter trailer for the film.

Now, we can bring you a good look at the new, full-length trailer for the sci-fi drama which stars Jason Cope, Kenneth Nkosi, and William Allen Young. At this point, we still don’t know a great deal about the story of the film. But from what we do know, an alien race has come to earth and is stranded in South Africa. At that point, the aliens are seen as yet another mistrusted minority, treated as “non-humans” and forced to live in a dangerous ghetto and work for little to no pay.

But when a human encounters some strange, non-human, technology that begins to affect him in disturbing ways, his perspective on the situation changes drastically and hes compelled to act. Expect to see District 9 in theaters August 14. Until then, click through to check out the full trailer.