New 'Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2' 360 Screenshots

New ‘Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2’ 360 Screenshots

ultimate-alliance-iron-manToday, Activision released an awesome new 360 degree screenshot from their upcoming game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, sequel to their very popular game from last year. This one features the characters of Juggernaut and Songbird and shows you the detail and work that’s obviously going into the design and execution of this game.

In case you’re not familiar, the game features the largest array of super heroes and villains assembled in a game. You and your team of Marvel heroes help Nick Fury launch a secret pre-emptive strike against your enemies to protect New York.

Once that happens, lines are drawn and you must pick a side to help determine the fate of the Marvel Universe and all of humankind. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 hits stores in the Fall.

Until then, check out the 360 screenshots after the jump.