New 'Twilight Zone' Movie Gets a Writer

New ‘Twilight Zone’ Movie Gets a Writer

twilight_zoneThere hasn’t been much news about lately a new Twilight Zone movie, based on Rod Sterling’s original TV series. But now that Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company, Appian Way, has decided to pick up the film in conjunction with Warner Bros, there is finally some movement on the project. It was recently announced that Rand Ravich will be penning the script for the film, which will be a fresh take on the classic sci-fi show.

Ravich only has a few things under his belt, and coming into a project like this, they are surprising. He had both written and directed 1999’s The Astronaut’s Wife, along with a sequel to Candyman, and his latest work was writing for NBC’s Life. No other details have been released about the film’s writers or director, but with Appian Way, who produced 2004’s The Aviator and this year’s Public Enemies, you can believe that DiCaprio takes his producing job seriously and will have inut on the director.

Twilight Zone has been in and out of the public eye on TV for decades, with resurrections in 1985, 1994, and 2002. Many recall the 1983 film as well, which was an anthology (very big at the time in movies), consisting of several old Zone storylines, re-imagined by the likes of John Landis, Stephen Spielberg, and George Miller.

The film was also the focal point of some controversy as actor Vic Morrow  and two children died on the set while shooting a scene. No word yet on when production will begin on the new film, but with a writer now attached, more details are sure to follow.