SDCC: New Trailer for 'Mystery Team'

SDCC: New Trailer for ‘Mystery Team’

mystery_teamThere are plenty of movies being made these days that break $100 million in their budget, but sometimes it’s the films that are made for far less that end up turning many more heads. Such is the case with a film like this year’s Mystery Team. There is now a new trailer for the film, which shows exactly how funny a movie can be, regardless of budget.

The film is the first from the internet comedy team Derrick Comedy, and the premise is about a team of kids who were Oakdale’s Mystery team, a spunky band of kid detectives dedicated to solving child-sized mysteries, a la the Scooby Squad. Seven years later, the team is about to graduate high school and move onto the real world, but they’re still storming the playground, hoping to solve their puerile crimes.

The story feels very much like that of a Venture Bros. or an James Gunn’s Scooby Doo films (that’s a compliment) in it’s satire of child mysteries. You can check out the trailer after the jump.

Mystery Team is being released in the Fall of this year, with a web short being released before. In addition to the film’s release, the team will be in attendance at San Diego Comic-Con over at the Roadside Attractions booth (#4016), and a panel with the cast on Sunday from 1-1:30 PM in Ballroom 20. Stay tuned here on The Flickcast for more on this funny flick