SDCC: Danny DeVito Hungry for Blood Online

We’re in the home stretch for Comic-Con, but for those of you who can’t wait for the excitement to start, Variety is reporting that Danny DeVito will be revealing his latest venture, at his panel on Friday. The website will initially feature five short horror films, although 15 are already completed and as many as 50 stories are lined up. DeVito describes the shorts as “splatter cuts” that are largely moral tales of revenge and retribution. Prepare to be shocked by what you see, as the films contain copious amounts of blood, slashed flesh and some incestuous cannibalism.

The website, which started as a creative way to pass the time between filming features and episodes of FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, is a partnership with writer John Albo and will feature the work of Tracey Walter and Carol Kane among others. Additionally, DeVito and Albo will be using the website as a testing ground for income based upon the graphic subject matter, not advertising.

“There could be a business in this,” DeVito said. “We’re doing graphic novels of each of the films, and the plan in the long run is to offer them to people in every service you can get away with, cell phones, computers, DVDs.

“We might make feature films out of some of the material. We’ll grow this and figure out where it’s going, but right now, we’re just having a good time.”

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