First Pic of The New Freddy Kruger In 'Nightmare on Elm Street'

First Pic of The New Freddy Kruger In ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’


Well horror fans, the wait is over. We’ve finally gotten a glimpse of Jackie Earle Hailey as Freddy Kruger in the upcoming reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Fortunately, at least from what we can see in this picture, it looks like the filmmakers of this new version are sticking pretty close to the original vision for everyone’s favorite killer who stalks their dreams.

Of course, as this picture is pretty dark, its hard to see exactly what the new Freddy really looks like, but at least the hat and sweater look exactly right for the character — not to mention the creepy mood lighting and the hand made of knives. Oddly enough, if I didn’t know this was Jackie Earle Hailey in this picture, I could almost guess that is was. Something about his posture and having just seen him in a similar hat while watching the Watchmen director’s cut makes it almost impossible not to think its him.

With any reboot or remake people are going to cry foul and decry that the original is always going to be better. Truth be told, I’m frequently one of those people, so I know how it is. Fortunately, it looks like I might have to give this movie a real chance — especially if it continues to follow this great start. The reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street hits theaters on April 16, 2010.