New 'Wolfenstein' Behind the Scenes Video

New ‘Wolfenstein’ Behind the Scenes Video

wolfenstein-gameWe’ve been following this game here at The Flickcast and have been able to bring you several cool items to help peak your interest in Activision’s upcoming Wolfenstein game. Among the previous bits of info there’s been a trailer for the game and part one and two of an awesome prequel motion graphic novel for the game.

This time around, we’ve got a new video to share with you that will give you further information on how the game is being put together and some more clues on the look of it and a bit more info on the story and characters. It also shows you just how much work actually goes into making a game as complicated as this and how much the people involved really enjoy their work.

Wolfenstein 3D is available now on XBox Live and PSN. The new, improved Wolfenstein game is coming later this year for all next gen consoles. Meantime, check out this very cool video after the jump. And, because the video is for an “M’ rated game and contains some blood and gore, by clicking through you certify you are 18 years of age or older.