SDCC: Flynn Lives! 'TRON' Viral Sites Appear

SDCC: Flynn Lives! ‘TRON’ Viral Sites Appear

flynns-arcade-tokens-tron-tsrimgYesterday, a few movies sites (JoBlo and received some awesome packages from Disney PR, containing some AWESOME viral marketing schwag for 2011’s Tron sequel. Tron will be at Comic-Con on Thursday, and in preparation, some sites received not only some completely badass Flynn’s Arcade tokens, but a USB thumb drive containing an animated gif file with a coded message.

I found three of the four different gif files yesterday and was able to figure out about 80% of the coded message (it used unicode characters in place of the alphabet), but needed the final file to complete the code. I stopped messing with stuff early in the afternoon, since I didn’t get any schwag myself (Disney, CALL ME), but early this morning, the minds of the Internet came together and two new “Tron” related websites were unleashed!


The two sites are and and both are absolutely fantastic relics for any fan of the 1982 animated-classic. HomeofTron is set-up as sort of a memorial to Flynn’s Arcade (which according to the website’s new section, closed in 1990, *sniff*), whereas FlynnLives has more obvious ties with the upcoming film. Not only does it have Kevin Flynn sightings (for the uninitiated, Kevin Flynn was one of the main characters in the original Tron), it also has a little spider at the bottom of the website that includes a timer and instructions for where to meet up at Comic-Con.

Chris and Matt, you better hit that spot! According to Disney’s previous press releases and announcements at Cine Expo International, the Tron sequel should land in theaters sometime in 2011.