Kevin Spacey Explains his Future as Lex Luthor

Kevin Spacey Explains his Future as Lex Luthor

After a US District Court judge brokered a settlement between the heirs of the Superman creators and DC Comics and Warner Bros., mandating that a new Superman must go into production by 2011, or a new legal battle would ensue, fans everywhere began wondering which Superman Returns cast members would be back for the long awaited sequel. An interview with Kevin Spacey posted on MTV Splashpage helps to shed some light on the future of Lex Luthor.

“They have me,” Spacey explained while promoting Shrink, an indie film about a pot-smoking Hollywood therapist. “We made a several picture deal.”

Sadly the recent court developments haven’t been able to jump-start a dialogue between Spacey and the studio. There isn’t a script and Bryan Singer has not been confirmed as the flick’s director.

Singer’s involvement is key to his reprisal. “If they make the movie and Bryan Singer’s directing the movie, then I will do it,” Spacey says. “If they make the movie and they go in a completely different direction and they decide they want other actors, then obviously that’s their purview.”

Relax, Superman fans, this doesn’t mean that Spacey isn’t looking forward to reprising his roll. “I’d be up for it,” he explains. “I had a great time doing it and it’s one of the great iconic parts.”