'Battlefield 1943' Breaks Download Records

‘Battlefield 1943’ Breaks Download Records

battlefield 1943XBLA and PSN players of the world, pat yourselves on the back. Electronic Arts has officially sold more than 600,000 digital copies of Battlefield 1943, a record for both consoles.

The download only game, developed by DICE, was released on July 8 for an economical $15. The download included a map and a mode that could only be unlocked through the communal effort of everyone playing the game.

“We are honoured by the reception that the game has received so far,” says Gordon Van Dyke, producer on Battlefield 1943. “Watching and participating in this non-stop multiplayer action has been a real treat for us and we can’t believe how fast our fans reached 43 million kills. We can now truly say that we have set a new standard for what can be done in the downloadable games category and gamers recognize the endless value that Battlefield 1943 provides for just $15.”

The worldwide challenge to unlock the Coral Sea map began on Friday, July 10 at 19:43 CET. The Xbox LIVE community reached the goal of 43 million kills in an impressive five days, while the PlayStation community hit the mark in eight.

The full press release can be read here.