SDCC: 'Left4Dead2' Boasts New Areas and Zombie Breeds

SDCC: ‘Left4Dead2’ Boasts New Areas and Zombie Breeds

340x_SwampFever_Final_02-804One of my favorite games of last year, Left4Dead, already has a sequel in the works. Valve showed off some new Left4Dead 2 areas, Swamp Fever and The Parish, at Comic–Con yesterday.

Valve also revealed two new breeds of zombie. The first, Spitters according to Kotaku, are fat zombies with pigtails that spew orange liquid that provided players with quite a challenge. The other new breed is currently unnamed, but Kotaku reported that they’re bullet-proof, which will be difficult to contend with.

Left 4 Dead 2, much like the first game, is a cooperative survival horror game. Players can choose to play alone or online with friends while fighting off screaming thrashing zombies in the zombie apocalypse. The sequel will take place in the Southern United States, starting in Georgia and ending in New Orleans, Louisiana.

A lot of fans have been complaining about how quickly a sequel has been developed, as Valve did promise a lot of DLC for the first game. But these new developments should give those unhappy fans a lot to be happy about.

Left4Dead 2 will be infecting PCs and XBOX 360 consoles November 15th.