SDCC: New Publishing Deal for Jeff Smith’s ‘Bone’

Scholastic has announced that Jeff Smith will soon be expanding the popular Bone graphic novel series. The first book, Bone: Tall Tales, will be released Summer 2010, and will be a collaboration between Jeff Smith and Tom Sniegoski. The book will feature new art and stories about favorite Bone characters.

The duo will also collaborate on the highly-anticipated Quest for the Spark Trilogy, an expansion of the Bone world. The books, Bone Quest for the Spark: Book One (Fall 2010), “Bone Quest for the Spark: Book Two” (Spring 2011), and “Bone Quest for the Spark: Book Three” (Summer 2011) represent the first time Smith has continued the adventures set in the valley since the publication of Rose, the prequel to the Bone series, which will be released by Scholastic/Graphix in August 2009.

“I always said I would find a way to draw more Bone stories, and now I have,” said Jeff Smith. “Tom is great to work with and we’re going to have a lot of fun!”

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