SDCC: The 'Heroes' and 'Chuck' Panels

SDCC: The ‘Heroes’ and ‘Chuck’ Panels

heroes_nbc_tv_show_title_card_logoTwo of the show we really like here at The Flickcast are Chuck and Heroes. In the past months we’ve brought you a lot of info about these two shows and will continue to do so as long as they’re on the air — which is hopefully a long time. We also got a chance to talk with some of the stars of Chuck during this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego. You can find those videos here and here.

Sadly, we missed the Heroes panel this time around (we can’t be in twelve places at once) but fortunately, our friends at NBC were nice enough to send us some video of the panel, which we’ve dropped here after the jump. They also sent us the Chuck panel as well and we’ve included that one too.

Heroes returns to NBC on Monday, September 24th and Chuck returns on a date TBD (but hopefully soon) . Check out both panel videos after the jump.