Interview: Director Fred Dekker of 'Night of the Creeps' & 'Monster Squad'

Interview: Director Fred Dekker of ‘Night of the Creeps’ & ‘Monster Squad’

fred-dekkerThe 1980s were an amazing time for horror cinema. From the rise of Troma Films to the uncanny popularity of the slasher film, the genre was certainly made into a whole new beast in that decade. One director was able to help move the world of monsters and creatures into the public eye with 1986’s Night of the Creeps.

The film was able to turn horror and scifi on it’s side and add some comedy for flavor. At the time it may have been forgotten rather quickly, but then it was resurrected by a swarm of fans calling it a “cult classic”.  Not looking back on Creeps, Dekker moved on to other projects, some of which include 1987’s Monster Squad and a handful of episodes of Tales From the Crypt.

Now, the fans have spoken once again, and Night of the Creeps‘ popularity has warranted it’s first release on DVD and Hi-Def Blu-Ray this October. The DVD is packed with features, deleted scenes, trivia, and commentary from the director himself. We got a chance to talk about the surprising success and DVD release of Night of the Creeps with Dekker himself, and you can check out the video interview after the jump. Creeps hits DVD shelves October 20th.