New 'Heroes' Season 4 Extended Trailer!

New ‘Heroes’ Season 4 Extended Trailer!

heroesAmidst all the excitement at Comic-Con in San Diego over Iron Man 2, Tron, Avatar, Chuck or various other properties, a little show you may have heard of, and that got its start at Comic-Con, still had a packed panel and wowed fans. I’m talking about, of course, NBC’s Heroes.

Even though, in the opinion of some, the show has been a bit rocky lately, that’s doesn’t seem to be dampening fans enthusiasm for the show’s fourth season. One of the way’s NBC tried to enhance that enthusiasm is by showing a brand new “sizzle reel” preview of that fourth season exclusively at Comic-Con a few days ago.

Well fear not if you weren’t there to see it in person because we’ve got it for you right here. This video is a brand new, extended preview trailer entitled “Road to Redemption.” In it, you’re treated to lots of cool glimpses of your favorite characters and what they’re doing next season. Plus, there may be a few surprises in store as well.

Check out all the Heroes Season 4 action right after the jump. Heroes begins its fourth season on Monday, September 24th.