Mastodon Weblink Wednesday: The Legend of Neil

Weblink Wednesday: The Legend of Neil

300x250Due to last week’s craziness of San Diego Comic-Con, we regretfully weren’t able to bring you a Weblink Wednesday or Fan Film Friday. Since we’re all about fairness here at The Flickcast, we have decided to give you the best of both worlds this week with The Legend of Neil.

Created by the same team who brought us The Guild, The Legend of Neil is a web series about a regular underachiever, Neil Grimsley, who gets transformed into the world of Zelda and has to fight off all kinds of things from orcs to skeletons to gay dragons, all while pissed off and confused. The series is strictly a comedy for gamers, especially those who’ve spent many hours playing Legend of Zelda. The show has a few fun cameos along the way, including legendary fangirl and star of The Guild, Felicia Day.

Originally created as an independent series by Effin Funny, the show was later picked up by Atom Films, which had a syndication deal with Comedy Central. This means that Comedy Central owns syndication rights to Neil and may decide to change the medium to TV in the future (though there are no formal plans). Season two just kicked off on Monday, and you can check out the premier right after the jump. Be warned, the series is funny, but also NSFW.

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