Brand New 'Merlin' Clip Online

Brand New ‘Merlin’ Clip Online

merlin-nbc-tv-shows1Of the mid season shows kicking off on NBC this year, one has seemed to stick out above the rest. Done in the vein of Smallville or Muppet Babies, Merlin is the episodic adventures of the great English wizard when he was only a teen, coming to terms with the mystical world he would one day rule.

The series was created by the same team that brought the witch drama Hex to the BBC a few years back. In fact, Merlin originally aired on the BBC back in September of 2008, and now NBC is bypassing BBC America to bring it straight to primetime network television. Merilin airs on NBC every Sunday night, with episode 9 hitting this weekend.

Check out a brand new clip from the series after the jump.