Fan Film Friday: 'Iron Man 2' Comic-Con Trailer

Fan Film Friday: ‘Iron Man 2’ Comic-Con Trailer

poster_ironman-21Now that we have your attention: NO, this is not a hoax, and YES, this is actually a fan-made trailer of the footage shown during last week’s San Diego Comic-Con. Done by the cool dudes over at, this is a shot-for-shot, word-for-word reenacted (or “sweded”) version of the trailer that was shown to the lucky thousands who waited for a seat in Hall H. Only with this one, it was done in a few hours on the streets of San Diego.

Note the authenticity and intricacy of the soft drink lid as Iron Man’s nuclear powered heart or the paper-and-pen combination for Nick Fury’s eye patch. Also note the interesting casting decision when selecting their Don Cheadle. The video is a laugh riot but more importantly you get the idea of what the trailer was like.

After the first run through, your brain knows to replace the main actor with Robert Downy Jr. and the white dude with a post-it on his face with Sam Jackson, so it’s almost like you’re getting the full experience.

Check out the video after the jump, and prepare to laugh.