First Trailer for 'Planet Hulk'

First Trailer for ‘Planet Hulk’

planet-hulk-diorama-1Back in February, during a panel with legendary artist Neil Adams, he explained that the future of comics is in animation. Nobody really understood what that meant, but now with Marvel and DC releasing animated film after animated film, we are now starting to get the picture.

Shortly after Marvel announced their first two projects in the world of Anime, the first trailer for another adapted storyline has hit the web. In this story, originally written by Zak Penn, Hulk is exiled to an alien planet, where he is taken as prisoner and forced to fight in a series of gladiator-style games. The jade giant eventually becomes ruler of this world, and goes to war with Earth, which is where World War Hulk the comic picks up, but there is no word on what impact that story will have on this film.

Check out the very first trailer for the animated Planet Hulk film below, which hits DVD shelves February of 2010.