The Final 'Pandorum' Poster

The Final ‘Pandorum’ Poster

PandorumWe’ve been following the upcoming film Pandorum a bit here at The Flickcast and were able to bring you an early look at the trailer and a cool pic of some of the cast. Now, we’ve got the final poster for the film to share with you today. Before we go on, in case you’re not familiar with the film, it concerns some astronauts who wake up on their spacecraft and have no memory of where or who they are.

Once awake, they discover something horrible has happened, most of the rest of the crew is dead and they are not alone. After that, there’s lots of running, shooting, yelling, death, explosions and various mayhem which fans of horror/sci-fi/action films will probably eat up with a giant spoon. After watching the trailer and reading a bit about the film, I think I understand some things about it. Looking at the poster, however, I’m not exactly sure what I’m seeing — which could be good or bad.

To some extent, I like the fact that I need to know more about the film after looking at the poster. On the other hand, it would be nice to get a bit more info about the movie from it other than the ominous tag line “Fear what happens next.” However, it is good to see a poster that tries to be different instead of just featuring the heads of the film’s main stars standing there looking earnest. In my book, that alone puts Pandorum ahead of many other films coming out this year.

Pandorum, which stars Dennis Quaid, Ben Foster, Cam Gigandet and Cung Le, hits theaters September 18th. Check out the new, big poster after the jump.