Fan Film Friday: 'G.I. Joe' Spoofs

Fan Film Friday: ‘G.I. Joe’ Spoofs

logoRemember the old G.I. Joe PSA’s that would play after each episode of the series in an attempt to teach kids morals and safety instructions? Remember how truly annoying some of them were? We all do, but now we have a reason to look back at them and laugh. Introducing Fensler Film’s G.I. Joe Spoofs, which are re-cut from the original PSA’s and re-dubbed to be pretty ridiculous but also very funny.

Some of them are pretty random, almost too random to be funny, but for the most part, they are worth a chuckle or two. There are nearly 12 of them, all scattered across the web. We managed to round up a few, including Body Massage, Porkchop Sandwiches (NSFW), and our personal favorite, Computer, which you can check out after the jump.

These all circulated the web a few years ago, and it seems like creator Eric Fensler has moved on to bigger things. They are all still worth watching and knowing about, which is good because knowing is half the battle!