Ice-T Presents Mac Repair

Ice-T Presents Mac Repair


Computers, like most other pieces of complicated technology, occasionally have problems. Fortunately, those problems are, more often than not, confined to our Windows and PC using friends. We Mac users seems to have pretty good luck with our software and hardware.

That’s not to say that the Macintosh doesn’t have any problems. It does. And sometimes, its just not worth the time and effort to fix it — at least to some people. Case in point is this video we’ve got to show you now, uploaded by YouTube’s FinalLevelTV.

In it, rapper/actor Ice-T shows how he takes care of business when his Powerbook is giving him some trouble. His solution is interesting, to say the least, but probably isn’t the best way to fix a broken Mac. Although, he’s famous and rich and I’m not so maybe he’s got the right idea. Maybe.

Check out the video (NSFW) after the jump. And please, if you’re Mac has problems, let us recommend someplace to have it fixed properly. We don’t condone Ice-T’s method and are sure that if he’d just given us a chance, we could have saved his Powerbook. Oh well, too late now.