Brand New 'Guitar Hero: Van Halen' Trailer

Brand New ‘Guitar Hero: Van Halen’ Trailer

Guitar Hero Van Halen - Logo-smallAs video games where you play imaginary instruments in a virtual band continue to gain in popularity, so will the bands that join in the fun and become part of the gaming experience. One such band is the legendary Van Halen, which are joining forces with Activision and their Guitar Hero game to become, you guessed it, Guitar Hero: Van Halen. And we’ve got a brand new video highlighting this partnership for you right here.

In the video, which tells you to “rock out to the biggest hits from one of the most legendary bands of all time” we see and hear your favorite Van Halen songs played by pretty decent likenesses of David Lee Roth, Alex Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen and David Lee Roth. The game will feature 25 of the band’s hit songs and 3 “signature Eddie Van Halen guitar solos” for you to try and keep up with. Plus, music from a bunch of other bands like Blink 182, Queen, The Offspring, Foo Fighters and more. All in all a pretty cool package.

Seeing as how Eddie Van Halen is regarded as one of the greatest guitar players in the world, it makes sense that the band would decide to join forces and appear in Guitar Hero. After all, Eddie was probably one of the inspirations for the game in the first place. Guitar Hero: Van Halen hits store shelves later this year. Meantime, check out the trailer for the game after the jump.