'Battlestar' Vet to Appear on 'Caprica'

‘Battlestar’ Vet to Appear on ‘Caprica’


Luciana Carro is returning to Syfy with a role on the BSG prequel series Caprica. TV Squad is reporting that the actress best known for portraying Kat on BSG, the cocky Viper pilot and “stims” addict who eventually became Starbuck’s nemesis, is also the first BSG actor to join the Caprica cast.

As fans will remember, Kat succumbed to radiation poisoning after flying her last mission in season three of BSG. Although Carro will most likely be playing a new character on Caprica, fans will no doubt wonder if the Caprica character will be related to Kat. Since the series takes place 58 years prior to BSG, there is certainly plenty of time to explore the character’s heritage.

Caprica will air on Syfy beginning January 22, 2010.