New Apps Website for Reading Comics on Phones

Comic book fans who have been frustrated with trying to find apps to read their comics in a crowded Apple App Store are one step closer to enjoying one stop shopping. Genus, a software development firm based in L.A. that specializes in mobile devices, has created, a website for apps created for reading comics on the iPhone and other mobile platforms.

Publisher’s Weekly describes as a site that gathers together 13 different comics mobile app developers—among them Kamikaze, Comixology, Dark Horse, Uclick, Keenspot, DC Comics and Robot Comics—and their applications and titles. The site has been organized by Genus co-CEOs, Helen Cho Anthros and Melissa Pope, to offer easy access to apps developed to read comics on mobile devices.  Genus unveiled Kamikaze, an app designed to read comics on the iPhone, earlier this year at the New York Comic-Con, and Anthros and Pope were also on hand during the San Diego Comic-Con in July to showcase an updated version of Kamikaze that included new titles and enhanced functionality.

The site has been developed as a neutral zone for the advancement of all mobile applications for comics. Currently, most of the apps are for the iPhone, but the site includes some apps for the Android platform and they plan on adding more. “As more apps for other platforms are developed our goal is to add them to the site,” said Anthros. The site anticipates new releases every week from developers across all platforms.

“It’s no secret how entangled, buried, and confusing it can be to navigate through the App Store’s enormous success and find what you’re looking for,” said Anthros. “We wanted to find a way to aggregate the mobile comics community into one place where consumers can go to find out what comic books are available on mobile platforms,” added Pope.

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