Brand New 'Wolfenstein' Game Launch Trailer

Brand New ‘Wolfenstein’ Game Launch Trailer

wolfenstein-game11Directly from our good friends at Activision comes this brand new trailer for their upcoming Wolenstein game. Previously, we’ve been able to bring you several cool items to help peak your interest for the game. Among the previous bits of info has been the first trailer, part one and two of an awesome prequel motion graphic novel, a behind the scenes video and a castle vignette.

This time around, we’ve got a new video to share with you: the brand new launch trailer. This one is chock full of Nazi killing goodness that is sure to delight first person shooter fans everywhere. Plus, there’s a guy wielding a flame thrower who’s trying to fry you. What could be cooler than that? As with the previous videos, this new one should make you even more excited for the game’s release.

The new, improved Wolfenstein game comes out later this year for all next-gen consoles. Meantime, check out this very cool trailer after the jump. And, because the video is for an “M’ rated game and contains some blood and gore, by clicking through you certify you are 18 years of age or older.