Brand New Promos for NBC's 'Heroes', 'Mercy' & 'Trauma'

Brand New Promos for NBC’s ‘Heroes’, ‘Mercy’ & ‘Trauma’

hayden-shotgun-heroesOur good friends at NBC have sent us a whole bunch of brand new promos for their upcoming shows debuting this Fall. One will look familiar to you and the other two are brand new, but all three look to try and up the ante for scripted network drama this season.

First up are a couple of promos for Heroes, returning for its third season on Monday, September 21. In these, we get to see which characters are coming back this time and also watch as Peter takes on a new and dangerous power. Next, there’s a couple from freshmen drama Mercy, which tells the “traditional” hospital story in a new way: from the POV of nurses including Iraq vet Veronica (Taylor Schilling) and newcomer Chloe (Michelle Trachtenberg). Mercy premieres on Wednesday, September 23rd.

Finally, we’ve got a couple promos from another freshmen drama called Trauma. In this one, a team of first responder paramedics help people by land, sea and air and also deal with the pressures of their jobs and everyday lives. This one features Cliff Curtis, Derek Luke and Jamey Sheridan and hits the air on Monday, September 28th.

Check out all the new promos after the jump.