'Buffy's' James Marsters Joins 'Caprica'

‘Buffy’s’ James Marsters Joins ‘Caprica’

james-marsters-1The Caprica casting office seems to be working overtime lately and is snagging a bunch of great new people to take on key roles in the show. Previously, we told you about Battlestar Galactica alumni Luciana Carro joining the show as well as comedian Patton Oswalt recently being cast. And now, word comes today that everyone’s other favorite former vampire James Marsters is joining the show as well and taking on what is described as a “sizable role.”

No word yet on exactly what Marsters will be doing on the show and who, or what, he will be doing it to but we do know, according to EW, that he will be pretty much doing what he does best and playing a dangerous and unpredictable bad guy driven by his carnal and moralistic desires. Marsters will play a terrorist leader named Barnabus Greele in at least three episodes of the upcoming Syfy series.

As a fan of Buffy and all of Marsters’ work, I’m always glad to see him make an appearance on any show. He always brings something special to the table and raises the level of any show he’s on. The fact that he’s going to be in Caprica makes me even more excited for its debut on Januray 22, 2010. Not that I really needed a reason to watch the show.