Cast of 'Kids in the Hall' to Reunite on TV

Cast of ‘Kids in the Hall’ to Reunite on TV

153454__kids_lThroughout most of the 1990’s, there were two places to go for stand-out comedy on basic cable. One place was The State, which only made it to 3 seasons, and the other was Kids in the Hall, which lasted 5 (Thank Lorne Michaels). Since then, both troupes have branched off and done plenty of other, more successful things, but it’s always nice when we hear about them getting together again.

According to Variety, the team will be returning for an 8-part murder-mystery-comedy that will air in January on Canada’s CBC.

Five members of the gender-bending comedy outfit, whose eponymous sketch comedy show ran on CBS and HBO in the first half of the 1990s, star in “Death Comes to Town.”

The eight-part series was conceived by Bruce McCulloch and co-written by McCulloch, Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson. Directed by Kelly Makin, who helmed the original “Kids in the Hall” series and movie, “Brain Candy,”the series is about what happens in a small town when all its most distinguished citizens are murdered. A suspect is arrested, there’s a trial and many dark secrets are revealed along the way.

Though the series is set to air in Canada, there is no doubt that it will get syndication here in the states. Be sure to check back right here for all the info as it becomes available.