'Venture Bros.' Season 4 Teaser!

‘Venture Bros.’ Season 4 Teaser!

0314_venturebrosYou could count on one hand the amount of decent animated programming on television today. Some as easy to get to as Fox’s Family Guy, but others are more buried. One hidden gem in particular is Adult Swim’s The Venture Bros.. For those not in the know, the series started off as a spoof of old adventure cartoons like Johnny Quest, but in three seasons, turned into so much more.

Last we left the Venture cast, Brock had quit his job as the family bodyguard, Hank and Dean lead their clones to be sacrificed for battle, and Henchman 21 was holding the decapitated head of his close pal, Henchman 24. Where do we go from here? Check out the extended trailer for the next season below, and Venture Bros. picks back up again in November with full episodes on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.

Go Team Venture!