New Trailer for 'Stan Helsing'

New Trailer for ‘Stan Helsing’

stan-helsing-poster1Remember the time when the phrase “from the guys that brought you Scary Movie” actually meant something? We don’t either, but it applies to the newest venture in outstanding filmmaking, Stan Helsing, or it’s full title, Stan Helsing: A Parody. I’m glad they made that clear.

The film’s premise is pretty simple: every horror movie bad guy you can think of, from Jason Voorhees to Pinhead, is terrorizing a local town, and it’s up to the distant descendant of Van Helsing to save the day. The only problem being that said descendant, Stan Helsing, is kind of a moron.

The term “from one of the guys who brought you Scary Movie” is in reference to Bo Zenga, an executive producer on the first Scary Movie, who went on to produce other gems like Soul Plane and Turistas. Helsing is his third produced script, and his first attempt at directing.

Joining in the antics are Leslie Nielson, Kenan Thompson, the lovely Diora Baird, and playing the titular her is Steve Howey of Reba fame. That’s right, the lead of the film is the co-star from the ever-popular, hit series Reba. Did we mention Diora Baird? She’s lovely.

The parody hits DVD shelves on October 27th, and you can check out the trailer below.