How 'Twilight' Should Have Ended?

How ‘Twilight’ Should Have Ended?

HowTwilightShouldHaveEnded1-thumb-550x345-23226With the ultimate success of both the Twilight book franchise and it’s film counterpart, it was inevitable that fans would eventually backlash against it. While it’s teen romance theme and sparkly vampires leaves it open for ridicule, there are still plenty of anti-Twilight troops out there on the web, and some of them know Photoshop pretty well.

Earlier today, one non-fan in particular felt that the end of the first Twilight film was missing something. A certain vampire hunter needed to be brought into the fray, taking down the sparkly Edward and saving Bella from, well, herself.

Check out the image after the break, and maybe this will inspire some non-fans who are precision film editors as well.