'Auto-Tune The News # 8' Goes Live

‘Auto-Tune The News # 8’ Goes Live

Picture 1Though its a viable source of daily information, we all accept that watching the news can be pretty boring. Whether it’s C-SPAN, CNN, or Fox News, unless you’re really invested in the subject matter, it can put you to sleep in a matter of minutes. Back in April, a few clever college students found out that the news can be so much more, if only sung in the right key.

The first Auto-Tune the News started on April 11th, with a series of clips taken from news networks, cut up, and auto-tuned to a beat. The outcome was pretty impressive, and they’ve been cranking out new episodes on a nearly monthly basis.

Yesterday, the 8th episode went live, and it includes a range of topics from dragons to geese to Michael Vick. Take a look at the video below, buy the MP3 here, and you’ll probably never listen to Joe Biden the same way again.