New Clip From 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Season 5

New Clip From ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Season 5

bfnude2A few years back, when FX decided they wanted to branch out into comedy, they put out two shows. One was about a group of people with different eating disorders and how they were dealing in comedic ways called Starved. The other, which seemed pretty low budget, was about a group of no-good residents of the Philadelphia area who constantly get themselves into self-inflicted situations that mock things like race, gender, abortion, and all things “taboo”. Needless to say, the latter show made it past the first season.

The show struggled in it’s second season, before veteran actor Danny DeVito decided to come on as producer and co-star. Now the show is bigger than ever, selling out panels at Comic-Con and entering their fifth successful season later this month. A new clip has popped up online, highlighting season five, but more importantly, a naked DeVito.

Check out the blooper of a leather couch giving birth to a naked Danny DeVito after the jump, and enjoy the next season of It’s Always Sunny next Thursday, September 10, on the FX Network.