Apple Updates Snow Leopard to 10.6.1

snow-leopard-boxAfter only a short time of release in the wild, Apple has today issued an update to its brand new version of OS X — code named Snow Leopard. This update, which should now be live in Software Update and at Apple’s website, provides several bug fixes and security enhancements which in typical Apple-speak could mean almost anything.

Here’s a list of at least some of the items this update addresses:

• Printer compatibility fixes for printers that do not properly appear in the “Add Printer” browser.
• Fix for DVD playback (when playback stops abruptly)
• Fix for the Dock (bug prevents removal of icons from the Dock)
• Fix for account set up and sending mail via SMTP servers in Mail
• Fix for Sierra Wireless 3G modems
• Adobe Flash Player update (new plug-in version

Apparently, the Flash update is of particular importance because the version shipping with Snow Leopard has a number of security vulnerabilities fixed by this update. For the scoop on that, head on over to Adobe’s website. As with any OS update, we suggest you download and install the Combo Update instead of doing an update via Apple’s software update. Sadly, as of now, the Combo update doesn’t seem to be live at Apple’s download page yet so you may consider waiting until tomorrow to do the update.

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