Facebook Adds Friend Tagging To Statuses And Posts

Facebook Adds Friend Tagging To Statuses And Posts

facebook_twitterIf you’re a Twitter user like we are at The Flickcast, you’ve probably come to know and love the ability to reply or forward your friend’s Tweets, known as “@ tagging” or “retweeting”. It’s a great way to spread important news, argue on the internet, or just comment on the silly things your friends are saying via Twitter. But if you’re not a Twitter user, but want to do the same thing with your Facebook status, you’re in luck. Why?

Facebook has just launched this feature as well.


It works very similar to @ tagging, but instead of using Twitter usernames you’ll use your Facebook friend’s names after the “@”. This makes it easier to reply to your friends, since you won’t have to memorize any complicated usernames.

If you tag someone, they’ll recieve a notificaition, and vice versa. You can also reference groups that you belong to on Facebook or events you plan on attending. The gap between Twitter and Facebook is narrowing and blurring.

Will you use this new Facebook feature, or continue to retweet your friends on Twitter?