Full Trailer for HBO's 'Bored to Death'

Full Trailer for HBO’s ‘Bored to Death’

Picture 7We’ve been known to gush a bit about rising star Zach Galifianakis here at The Flickcast, and for good reasons. There is one new project that Zach is attached to in particular that seems to look better and better, the more we get to see of it.

Bored to Death is a brand new HBO comedy about a writer who decides to pick up a night job as a noir-style private detective. Starring Jason Schwartzman (very funny), Ted Danson (was funny once), Patton Oswalt (SUPER funny), and Galifianakis (superstar), the show looks to be HBO’s new breakout comedy hit.

Not many can recall a good noir spoof done in the past decade. The first two that come to mind, The Singing Detective and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, both star Robert Downy, Jr. Both films also pull off the “smoke and gun” look of the 1950’s crime drama, while still not taking themselves very seriously. Bored to Death seems to walk that same line, and walk it well.

Catch the full-length trailer after the jump. Bored to Death premieres on HBO Sunday, September 20th.