New 'Lost' Season 6 Poster Revealed

New ‘Lost’ Season 6 Poster Revealed

lost-20090911004220892With Fall TV making it’s way back on the airwaves this week, we tube jockeys are sure to get lost in some of the fray. One midseason show that most of the country will have their eyes on this January will be the return of Lost for it’s sixth and final season.

The first promotional poster has been revealed for the season, and it shows more than we would ever hope for a show normally shrouded in secrecy. The poster shows just about every character that has had a major role on the show over the past 6 years, and could this mean that we’ll see them again come January? Also, why are some characters in suits and others in island garb? How is Mr. Eko back?

Hopefully these answers will come soon, but in the meantime, check out the high-res shots of the poster after the jump, and get ready for the episode “LA X” to air on January 27, 2010.