Two More New 'Heroes' Season 4 Preview Clips

Two More New ‘Heroes’ Season 4 Preview Clips

heroes-poster-1Among all the shows either starting fresh this Fall or coming back, Heroes still has a special place in our hearts. Sure, the show might have lost its way a bit during the last couple seasons, but compared to many other shows on TV, its still got some compelling characters, interesting storyline and is often just plain fun to watch.

Of course, we’ve been keeping tabs on the developments of this coming season and have even managed to bring you a few bits of info here and there to help build your excitement for the shows’ return. Now, we’re at it again and have a couple more videos to share with you today. As usual, these videos are designed to give you some crucial information and insight into the characters and situations that will be the focal points of this new season.

Plus, they’re also intended to show that the show’s producers and writers are taking a “back to basics” approach to the story arc for the season and will be returning to elements that made the show so great when it was first on. Fortunately, based on what I can see here, they’re definitely heading in the right direction. The other video is a more standard “behind the scenes” promo which is also pretty interesting, even to someone who used to actually work in the business.

Be sure to check out both videos after, you guessed it, the jump. Also, be sure to catch the brand new season of Heroes when it comes back to NBC on Mon., Sept. 21st 8/7c.

Extended Sneak Peek

Behind the Scenes