J.J. Abrams Channels Roddenberry for 'Star Trek' Sequel

J.J. Abrams Channels Roddenberry for ‘Star Trek’ Sequel

Abrams on SetThere was a lot of concern from fans about J.J. Abrams reboot (Yes, I realize he doesn’t want to call it that but if the shoe fits…) of Star Trek.  Trekkies/Trekkers take this content very seriously making it a daunting task to appease those loyalist while making a film accessible to regular movie-goers. Fortunately, Abrams pulled it off and the new Star Trek universe was met with excitement and anticipation for future films.

Speaking to the L.A. Times, Abrams talked about what avenue the second film would take and how it would get back to the roots of the original series:

“The ambition for a sequel to ‘Star Trek’ is to make a movie that’s worthy of the audience and not just another movie, you know, just a second movie that feels tacked on. The first movie was so concerned with just setting up the characters — their meeting each and galvanizing that family — that in many ways a sequel will have a very different mission. it needs to do what [the late ‘Trek’ creator Gene] Roddenberry did so well, which is allegory. It needs to tell a story that has connection to what is familiar and what is relevant.”

There’s a significant importance in that mention of allegory. The best stories are the ones viewers can relate to and is what made the the new Battlestar Galactica TV series so successful. In fact, you were so drawn into that world you nearly forget it took place in space. If Abrams can capture that same formula for subsequent Star Trek films it would be a huge win for him. If anyone can do it Abrams certainly can, especially considering his track record of character driven shows like Lost and Fringe. Now with Star Trek on the right path, the only thing I’d like to know now is what Slusho is an allegory for?